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Everythink we are doing we doing
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Our experience is in multimedia applications for multiple platforms, high end interactive eKiosks with 3D, creating 2D and 3D with animations, VR applications, Internet websites, video production, special effects and audio mastering. We use only legal software. Of course, game creation is our passion which we are spending all of our free time.

VR – This is one of the things we do best 

We are developing different type of VR games and multimedia applications. Oculus Rift and GearVR are our targets. 3D we use in every our projects at each platform.  Our team graduated the best University in VR with rewards creating most advanced VR applications for 6-wall CAVE, one from a few available in the Europe. Also as a children we were flaying around with a VFX-1 VR HMD at the Magic Carpet.

Xobox Game

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Galactic Tanks


Experienced Team

We are small team who create games and professional 3D and VR multimedia applications across last decade. We develop multi-platform applications in different game engines as Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine, Lumberlyard and Unity. Also we have experience in Stingray game engine.  Our philosophy is to use proper engine for game/application, but not use just one from them for everything.


Our solutions spread accross many different platforms. But there is one thing which connecting them all together, the 3D graphic and VR, which we always focus on.


virtual reality

Oculus Rift and GearVR are our targets. 3D we use in every our projects at each platform.


personal computer

The most powerfull 3D and VR multimedia applications are created for PC.


mobile devices

We creating native applications for different mobile and tablet devices.  



For web solution we push the newest generation technology to create rich apps on it.


Programming skills is our top strangest. We use mainly c++, c#, java, php and lua scripting languages.


We are developing games, multimedia and internet applications. 

3D and VR

Oculus Rift and GearVR are our targets. 3D we use in every our projects at each platform.

New Technologies

Our domain are new and high-end technologies in the aspect of whole developing process at each of it’s stage.

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Thank You Epic Games!

We just received generous “Unreal Dev Grants” from Epic Games. We get Oculus Rift and Touch from Epic Games and it means the word for us. Because of it we can continue to develop Xobox for VR devices. Thank you for investing in Xobox.

We are so lucky to have Epic Games support. Base on it we will provide full support for Oculus Rift and Touch devices and develop the game. It will bring a new level into Xobox, the next generation TicTacToe game in 3D and VR.

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